Friday, January 02, 2009


Ok, a New Year is here and there's no better time to get back to blogging. Ok, fair enough, I'll probably be quite busy over the next few um..days, cos I've got a hell of a lot of vegetables to eat, train for (not one - but TWO AND HALF) marathons and I have to finish three books (that's writing - not reading). In fact by the sound of things the only things I'll be allowed to do is work (hard) and live off daffodils and stuff that only squirrels could possibly digest and.............oh God I don't even know what I'm expected to do for fun. Blog???

This mania is probably not gonna last for long. Don't worry. I'll probably see sense by tomorrow afternoon. At least concerning the daffodils. But I'll continue to blog. After all I have to - it's a resolution...

Happy New Year! :D

Sunday, September 14, 2008

1st of September (Malmö, Sweden)

It’s the 1st of September. AND it’s a Monday! I genuinely thought it was illegal nowadays to allow traumatic occasions like the first day of autumn to collide with a Monday!
People get worried and scared, and possibly a little bit hostile (personally I was close to chasing the neighbours dog down the street!). But most of all, they get confused!
This is the day when you wouldn’t raise an eyebrow if you saw people dress in bikinis and wellies at the same time as wearing a fur coat. They can’t help it. It’s not their fault. We don’t know what to expect. Should we bring an ice scrape to work or buy an ice cream – the choice suddenly isn’t obvious.

On a day like this the Swedish government chose to test the emergency alarm system. It has to be done four times a year (it used to be 12) at the first Monday of the month at three o’ clock. It’s a tradition from the second world war (that we weren’t participating in), in order to make sure that in case we were under sudden attack (we’re a neutral country) we’d know about it immediately (we wouldn’t – we would just be convinced it was another test).

I’ve hated this signal since I was a kid. I mean, I can’t even stand the sound of a hover for God’s sake! This signal is of the sort that makes glasses break and eardrums haphazardly explode without warning! And it’s located pretty much just by our house!

Our neighbour has just got a new dog. Cute. But it has got a bit of a phobia for noise. If it (he, let’s call it a he. “It”, sounds dumb. And a bit insulting. It’s (he’s) a mammal after all, come on..) hears a police car driving past, he goes wild and starts howling. Hell, he goes nuts just from the sound of a magpie shitting on the fence!

Until now his arch enemy has so far been the church. Not for religious reasons but for the noise the bells make when it’s time for mass.
The church is now eliminated as a problem. Because he, as well as the rest of us, won’t be able to even HEAR it for the next 3 weeks! (Although he did just have a bit of a panic attack over a phone ringing three houses down the road, to be fair…)

This signal has been haunting me for the larger part of my life. And even so I’ve never managed to find out where it’s actually coming from. I know that it’s located very close by, but not from where (it sounds like it’s coming from the church, or the water tower across the road, but those are just wild guesses). And today I began to feel a need, an urge, to find him (yeah, I know he’s just sort of a horn and therefore doesn’t really qualify as a mammal, but everyone calls him “Fred” so what the hell..)

And that’s where I am in my life right now…this is my aim, my focus. TO hell with work and obligations. I’m gonna find that horn and I’m gonna throw a selection of ripe fruit and vegetables on it (him). And then I’m gonna laugh.

I’ve always known I was an anarchist at heart…
27th of August

Exciting week. Well, it could have been. Me and Jonas went camping on Bornholm, a pretty small, Danish island (but not small enough for a virtually non-existent bus system) in the middle of the Baltic sea.

Our main aim was to go find the Holy Grail. Once upon a time there were a bunch of Templar Knights hanging out in Bornholm, who built some special round churches and placed them in the shape of a hexagram. Obviously that meant something. Obviously that’s where the grail was. They've even got grail tours and official treasure hunts you can go on…

Well, my aim was to go find the Grail – Jonas’ main aim was to lie on the beach. And when he realized that it was gonna keep raining until we left the island, he swiftly switched aims and instead chose to full heartedly focus on drinking beer and having barbeques.

To be fair, the barbeque mania started before the trip had even begun. A couple of days before leaving, he both texted and emailed me about some disposable barbeque grills he had spotted in the shop. And when I didn’t reply quickly enough, he chose to call me instead.

“Can’t we buy those?
Let’s buy those!
Should I go buy those grills?
I’ll go buy them now!”

I thought it sounded like a pretty good idea at the time. Yeah, I had been having roast beef and potato salad in the garden for the latest two days, but so what – we were going camping so having a barbeque sounded like a perfectly logical solution.

Enthusiasm can be a tricky concept. I mean, at a glance enthusiastic people are quite uplifting to be around. It’s often even contagious. But there’s a very fine line between enthusiasm and obsession and it can at first be incredible hard to differentiate between the two.

The first day everything felt sort of reasonable. We went to a supermarket on the way to the campsite and got some sausages and potato salad. Normal barbeque stuff. When I suggested a pack of mixed lettuce and a few tomatoes, I got something of a weird look from Jonas. A look that said “we both know your suggestion is way out of order, but I’ll be patient since, after all, we ARE on holiday…”

The campsite didn’t allow any disposable grills, but had a large one for anyone to use. This was great, Jonas meant, cos that way we could bring his disposable ones with us around the island for lunchtime barbeques instead. I think that was when I started getting nervous.

The second day came and went with grilled burgers, potato salad and hot dogs.

The third day we were going to a famous beach. Jonas brought his grills and stopped off in a little town to get sausages and, since he decided to be spontaneous, hotdog bread instead of potato salad.

“Unfortunately”, he ended up grilling on his own, cos I insisted on stopping in the last town to try to find some other food than sausages, and then missed the bus. But we met up later on the camp site instead, to, after a swim, have another barbeque.

I think I can handle the meat, cos after all, meat is meat (as long as it’s not sausages) but it’s the potato salad that is now haunting my dreams. Even potatoes somehow manage to feel revolting.

Ok, I admit that it was me who found the campsite, and that it didn’t have many dinner options, but it was only cos it was the “best camp site on the island”!. To be honest, it was pretty good. It had a really nice pool, sauna, sunbeds, pool table, gym, a beach, an internet café, fresh coffee in the morning, and a guy selling some pretty good pop corn. And a barbeque grill. I mean, how can you argue with that? They even had a little shop where you could buy Spider Man equipment!

So, to sum it all up – no, no I did not find the grail. But the Danes seem to be pretty convinced it’s in Denmark, and I’m going to Copenhagen next week………………………………………………………watch this space!
17th of August

Had such a good night last night!! Well, for a start the concept was absolutely brilliant – going clubbing on the “beach” of the Thames when the tides were out. Then we were a large group going and pretty much every single one of us was in a fantastic mood! It was just a really great night! Seven hours or so just flew by. And I was smiling all the way home to my door! =D

But I’m still wondering…was it absolutely necessary for me to take my shoes off and insist on dancing IN the Thames??? Obviously I stepped on some glass and hurt my foot. (Wasn’t bleeding or anything, but still bloody hurt. Even got it in my shoe.) Could have been foreseen by a four year old. Clearly I wasn’t equally perceptive.

Ah, well…
11th of August

Sob…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean it! I’m cold. My throat hurts. Bohoo… I’ll take it back. Honestly. No more chocks for me. I’ll get some garlic. AND some honey. I promise…I’ll sleep. And drink tea! No more chocks.. Just forgive me! Arrghh..
10th of August

Oh, this probably wasn’t the most clever thing I’ve ever done. I know I’m a Piscean, and a proud one at that, but lately things have gone slightly out of hand..

Last weekend Anabelen convinced me it would be a good idea to go to a latin festival in a park close to Oval. There would be good looking Spanish guys there, she meant.


Well, to be fair, there might have been! I wouldn’t really know, cos all I was ever able to see were umbrellas. Me and Marta sat in the grass under two of them and although we did have a great time and quite a few good laughs, we did manage to get absolutely soaking wet! Wet in the sense that I could squeeze out enough water from my clothes to fill half a sink.

But Anabelen refused to feel sorry for me.

-“But you’re the one who’s been defending the rain all along! You even texted me saying it was our friend!”


Yeah, I admit. Admit and agree that I actually do enjoy rain. Occasionally. In reasonable doses. And even though I was so wet I was beginning to wonder whether they would let me in on the tube or not, I was in a sparkling good mood and was probably even dancing around a lamppost, clapping my hands. Or something.

So far life was good. I went home, made myself a hot drink and went to bed.

The next day I had a cold. Not a bad one, or even a particularly annoying one – it was just one of those when you’ll be fine as long as you’ve got a fair amount of napkins with you at all times. And a few paracetamols.

I was recovering relatively well…until today when it was time for the next festival. This time an Asian one.

Today my clothes contained enough water for half a tub! Even my underwear were wet. The inside of my handbag. Every single hair on my head. My mascara had in panic escaped my lashes and fled into my eyes, which not only hurt, but completely blinded me so that I didn’t even know where I was going. I had to put my phone in my pants to prevent it from getting water damage, and even then it didn’t help. I had rain in my eyes, I had rain far into my nose and I had swallowed about a pint’s worth!

But I mean, all that bollocks about staying at home when you’re ill, taking care of yourself, keeping warm…it’s for losers! Everybody knows that. Garlic and honey my ass. No, I firmly believe in chocking your body back into health. I WAS having a cold, yes, and now my body will have learnt that this is what happens when it’s trying to mess with me and now I probably won’t have another cold for years…
I’ve got a feeling I won’t be as cocky in the morning…
30th of July

Earlier today I happened to overhear a conversation about blood types. It was incredibly exciting.

When I was in Sweden last year I accidentally found some old note saying what my blood type was. It’s something everyone should know, really, but I can’t say I’ve ever given it much thought. But now, thinking back, I’m pretty sure it said that I was an AB type. And furthermore I’m fairly convinced it said I was a negative – AB minus.

Now, this is what suddenly made the conversation so interesting. Apparently only 0,something % of the population has got that specific combination! In other words – I’m a minority!

I was beginning to wonder whether I was entitled to some sort of special rights or unlimited free ice cream if I voluntarily gave blood, and if maybe I had some odd trait in common with all other AB negatives? Maybe this was why I’d never really liked apples?
Maybe we all love water lilies or enjoy an occasional cup of coffee? Maybe we’re all Pisceans!

I spent several minutes fantasising about AB negatives taking over the world, infiltrating the governments of the G8 and every university, military institution or coffeehouse in all major cities. I felt I was on to something big.

Later I was meeting up with a friend of mine and I had decided that I was gonna let her in on my plans. I knew the other AB negatives probably wouldn’t like it, but after all, we had to recruit. And I was hoping her to be of the same blood type as me, cos if I was gonna rule the world, I wanted to do it with her. It would be so much fun. We would be grilling and drinking beer and climb trees in Parliament square.

-“No, my blood group is 0”.
-“What? 0? That’s the most common group of them all. That’s the most common group of them all!
-“Well, I’m sorry my blood isn’t cooperating with your weekend plans..”

I could detect a slightly sarcastic smirk on her lips in combination with a raised eyebrow, but I put that down to defence mechanisms. After all, she must have been pretty disappointed.
I decided to tred lightly.

But you see, I’m generous with things like that. Always have been. I don’t gloat when I win a game of monopoly or a tossed coin. And if I get more pop corn in my bucket than my mate does when going to the cinema, I try to look sad. And more often than not, I try to involve tears.

-“But there’s nothing wrong with being a 0. Not really. You don’t have to feel embarrassed. There’s nothing to be ashamed about..” (I tried patting her in a comforting way on her shoulder.)
-“Err…I’m not!!”

Some people’s defence system is more highly integrated into their behaviour than others.
It’s all about anxiety and fear. I understand.

-“Maybe you should check that you actually ARE having this super elite power blood before you start organising groups and armies and stuff. I mean, imagine how stupid you would look if you turned out to be just a pretty ordinary AB positive or even a lame 0…?”

The girl has got a point! I’m prepared to admit that. I’d better look into this before taking further steps and going global. I mean, in the end of the day, no one wants to look stupid or crazy or anything. But watch this space..

By the way, I went to a meeting with a writer’s group I’ve joined yesterday. There wasn’t any actual writing going on – it was a social event – but we played little word games in between the pints and I have to say I had a really good time! Unfortunately I’ll be in Sweden at the time of the next meeting, but after that I’ll definitely be back for more! =)
27th of July

I’ve had insomnia all week. In fact, I’m sort of having insomnia right now. Proper insomnia that makes you want to bring a pillow where ever you go and sink into just any vaguely comfortable corner you happen to pass for a snooze as soon as you get the chance.
But even then, even if you did, you wouldn’t be able to sleep. You wouldn’t even be able to find any rest.

In the end it sort of makes you want to cry. But only for short sharp moments, because before you’ve even finished the thought, you realize you really don’t have the energy it takes.

And then Rory came over to visit, which meant I had to at least try to seem awake. He was only staying for a couple of days before going back to Dubai, where he’s working at the moment. And that’s just the thing. If someone who lives that far away comes to visit you, you have to be polite and sort of nice. And the first thing you learn when taking the course “How not to be an asshole for Dummies, 101”, is to at least pretend to keep your eyes open when having someone over.

Which is not all that easy when all you really want to do is……………………………………………………………………………go to bed.

But hey, being tired doesn’t mean you’re not happy. It’s perfectly possible to be exhausted beyond belief whilst still thoroughly enjoying life! I might even go as far as calling it easier! You’re past caring and you’re probably even giggling. So what if you drop a mug when you’re trying to make tea – who cares! Let’s laugh about it! So what if you walk into the door and hurt your arm – it’s only a bruise. You’ll live! And as a bonus I find it almost impossible to get annoyed with people even if they’d be incredible irritating. I simply really don’t care. Easy life.

But luckily I don’t tend to need much sleep and I think things went quite well in the end.

On Wednesday I had brought Esther to Danny Wallace book launch party and since I didn’t think Rory would be able to make it we decided to try our best to rub it in and make things just that little bit worse for him. In the end Esther was taking a bunch of photos of me and Danny holding notes saying “We are having fun without you, Rory”, but it proved to be relatively pointless since 1. I managed to loose all the photos (new phone, new camera) and 2. Rory DID manage to get there. I’m still not really sure how he did it to be honest. Possibly by hijacking the train, but was sure that was sort of illegal in Britain. Ah well.

Anyway, here’s another photo of us looking incredibly daft. (I think it’s actually debatable if it’s even physically possible to look more stupid then all of us do here… But that’s what makes me laugh. Or no, it probably isn’t….the reason I’m laughing is possibly cos I’m too tired to even put my socks on right.)

19th of July

Rough night! Went to a party in Bow yesterday and got back home this afternoon. Well, not from the party. I slept at Nicolas. But still. Tired… Sleepy….

I don’t tend to take any major amount of pictures when I go out (I find it tedious), but love this one from yesterday…

…of Helen and me! It’s hilarious! Just look at the guy in the corner! =D

But hey, I don’t just go to parties! I do cultural stuff as well (and no, I’m perfectly aware of the fact that watching Desperate Housewives doesn’t count)!
Went to see Figaro’s Marriage (that title sounds so, so weird to Swedish ears!) shown by the Royal Opera House in Trafalgar Square on Wednesday.

The experience in itself was a bit surreal though. Not because of Figaro (he was doing fine), but because of weird cosmic coincidences!

I was meeting German Girl (her other name is Nicole) and some others somewhere in the square. Obviously I was a few minutes late, but German Girl (Nicole) texted me saying they were sitting in the front of the square by the big screen.
But since the square was absolutely packed, this just wasn’t enough information, so standing by the edge I text her back telling her to wave at me..

About 1 minute later I get a text from Nicola (with an A) telling me to look in front of me and when I do, I see her and a bunch of others I know WAVING at me from across the square!
At first I didn’t know what was going on. Had I texted NicolA instead of NicolE? In confusion I ran across the square underneath the screen, but when I ‘d reached the middle NicolE called out for me from the side and after a few paralysed minutes me and my brought along sushi dived into the masses, whilst NicolA and company was looking very confused on the other side indeed. (They knew nothing of NicolE and thought I was there to meet them..)

Meanwhile Esther, who’s on a date in a third edge of the square (the back) sees me running, and goes looking for me in half time but then can’t find me since I’ve gone off to group nr 2. (No harm done there, she ended up with NicolE.)

I went for a relaxing evening watching the opera and ended up running forward and back over the square about 8 times. But still it was a good night. I just hope German Girl didn’t feel offended by my occasional absence (after all I was there to meet her)…

Monday, July 14, 2008

I had the weirdest dream last night. I was out travelling in space and somehow got tagged by a planet. For some reason I knew it was Jupiter. It’s just that in my dream it was green in a sort of dentist, minty, chewing gum sort of way, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t look like that in real life.

Anyway, I landed on one of its moons, which surprisingly enough had quite a lot going for it. For a start they had streets with London double deck buses (oh, but green ones…) and even tiny little London mail boxes. (They were green though.)

But for some reason this planet, Jupiter, kept following me around wherever I went, and in the end it became a bit annoying. It was really big so it felt a bit scary and imposing constantly having it over my shoulder. I tried to explain this, in a polite, yet firm way, but with no success.

Oh, yeah, this is normal…

It went so far that I even managed to suppress my fear of aliens and ended up asking one for help. It was some grey little man with huge black eyes and he was sitting in a sofa, relaxing, in the room I was staying in.

-“Look, I need your help. I don’t really know what to do, but something has to be done. It can’t continue like this. Out of order, really…”
-“Yeah? Sure. I understand. Um…what exactly, though? What’s the problem?”

Me sighing, rolling my eyes:
-“Look out through the window…”
-“Mmm…yeah, there’s a…there’s a planet outside.
(Now looking confused:)
-“But why is this a problem exactly?”
-“Because it’s following me!! And it’s not listening to me. It just refuses to see sense! And I thought, well, you being extraterrestrial and all, it might be easier for you to get through to it?”

But the alien didn’t really understand. He almost looked as if he thought I was crazy (and a little bit irritated as if I was wasting his time). It was almost beginning to feel surreal.

In the end I decided the only way was to have a one to one with him.

-“Look, I’m flattered, I really am. You look great and I’m sure you’ve got a fantastic personality. You’ve clearly got a great sense of humor… But it just wouldn’t work out in the long run. You know, me being a girl and you being a…PLANET and all. We’re just too different! That’s all there is to it, I promise. If it wasn’t for that, well, then I would have been happy to go out with you, but you know, it just wouldn't be practical...
Listen it’s not you – it’s me! But I’m sure there’s some nice lady-planet out there somewhere that you will find if you’re just patient…”

He still refused to see my point, so in the end I got on my ship and went back to Earth (in a quick and discrete way so that he wouldn’t be able to follow).

And all well that ends well I guess – at least I’m back!
It’s the national day of France!

Haven’t been back to Paris for quite some time actually. Went to St Malo and Le Mont Saint Michel with Joanna and Esther last Easter, but not to Paris.

If I was in Paris today I’d probably get a picnic and go to Parc de Bercy. I love that park. It’s absolutely magical. In a way it doesn’t really make sense. It’s the sort of park you’d dream up or fantasise about, but wouldn’t expect to exist in reality.

In fact, thinking about it, I think most of my favourite places in most cities involve parks in some way or another. When I was in New York I completely fell in love with Central Park and I tried to spend at least a short time every day in there. It’s absolutely gigantic! And I just loved the Swedish cottage! :D

In fact there is one area in there, that really makes you feel as if you’re in Sweden. It’s got a little pine forest with tiny cliffs scattered around and it smells just divine. I spent a whole afternoon there, just reading, sunbathing, having lunch.

And unfortunately I can’t say London has got anything to match it. I’ve been whinging about this for something that probably feels like an eternity, but they still haven’t sorted it out! Hyde Park is boring. Yeah, sure, they’ve got a little lake, but so what – I’ve seen sinks more exciting than that. The only nice places in there is The Italian Gardens and Lady Dianas fountain (cos you’re allowed to “swim” in it!). But…well, that somehow isn’t enough.

But whatever, what’s the point in having nice parks in a city where it only rains anyway? I can see the logic.

Anyway – Vive la France! ;-)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday and almost a whole week of detox and veggie diet is over. The weird thing is that it feels pretty good. I’m not particularly bothered. There’s nothing of the things that I can’t have that I feel that I desperately need or want.

Oh, actually, yes there is. Or was. I’ve had several cups of coffee. In fact, I’m having my third cup of the week right this very moment.

But so what! Leave me alone. I wanna see you have cabbage for breakfast before having a go at me. It would be worse if I went out tonight drinking mojitos, eating peanuts or nachos, no?

Yes, I’m having a coffee and I’m enjoying it. And you can’t stop me.

But catastrophe hit at lunch. I’ve got a favourite salad. It’s frisee, lamb lettuce, spinach and tiny pieces of shredded beetroots together, and the best thing is you get it in a bag, already mixed and properly washed. You just have to load it up on the plate. Easy life.

I had it with some tomatoes, mozzarella and a baked potato with cheese. Lovely. Then in the middle of the meal I suddenly found something that looked alarmingly close to being a dead bug. A thing like that can seriously traumatize a person. Probably even paralyse you if you’re of a more delicate nature.

I mean, the thing is, if you buy salad in a plastic, sealed bag, you want to believe that it’s so clean it’s probably been sterilized and hand checked for intruders. When you buy salad, or anything else for that matter, that is sealed, then you’re not so much buying convenience as you’re buying safety! And this bubble of safety had now been burst! And my problem is that I’m not completely sure of how to get back into it – that bubble! It’s a problem, I’m telling you.

To be fair, the bug did look suspiciously similar to a piece of lettuce…

But you just can’t be sure. Unless you taste it. And I wasn’t prepared to do that.

A similar thing happened about six months ago when a small moth flew into the oil while I was making pop corn and got deep fried (and served) together with them. I didn’t get over that until…………..….I still haven’t got over that.

You see? Bubble. Burst. Trauma.

Maybe I’ll be able to deal with it better after another cup of coffee? Seems only reasonable.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

In Sweden there’s a supermarket chain called ICA. It’s similar to Tesco. Sort of.

I’ve always felt a bit sorry for people working at the tills in supermarkets cos it must be so incredibly tedious and boring, but at least the guys doing so in Sweden have found a way to amuse themselves, probably to make work go a little faster.

Either that or they are incredibly DUMB.

Those are the only two alternatives that could possibly make out a logical explanation.

Basically, you have to be above the age of 18 to buy cigarettes and low alcohol beer (up to 3,5%) and above 21 for the strong stuff. And the stores are entitled to ask you for ID to make sure they’re not selling these things to minors.

Yeah, fine, ok.

But now there have been multiple complaints from seriously pissed off people all over the country!

For example, one man, 77 years of age hadn’t been allowed to buy two bottles of beer for a dinner party he was going to.

-“I felt it was a bit embarrassing and disrespectful having a 17 year old demanding that I prove my age to him”, he explained. “He told me that was the only way he could be completely sure that I was over 18…”.

The guy in question had replied to the paper:

-“I was simply doing my job. I just wasn’t 100% sure about this particular person…he looked really young for his age!”

Another man, I think his name was Björn, who was 58, wasn’t allowed to buy cigarettes. Had he brought his ID? No, no he had not. So off he was forced to go…

There was a picture of a bald, chubby man with a grizzled beard and a slightly angry face.

-“Does this look like a face that was born yesterday?!!?!”
He was not a satisfied costumer.

Then there was a woman, 63, who had wanted to get a scratch card. You have to be 18 to play. You can guess what had happened…

When I was in Stockholm with Joanna in September I had to show my passport to buy a few cans of beer. But I wasn’t complaining. Hey, if that woman thought I looked like I was 20 years old, who the hell am I to complain!!! :-D
Wednesday 9th of July.

I just had a startling revelation. A rather chocking and uncomfortable one as well actually. And I’m beginning to worry whether I’ll ever be able to let it go.
I think that I’ve just witnessed a definite sign of myself “growing up”, even if ever so slightly!

Every summer I’ve been obsessed with Big Brother. Every year I’ve tried to fight it, only to have found myself getting helplessly sucked back in again. I’ve even been known to vote!!

Sometimes when I went out on Friday nights (eviction nights), I even asked people if they happened to know who got the boot. I mean, that’s pretty serious devotion, that is!

This year – I. Couldn’t. Possibly. Care. LESS!!!

I mean, come on – that means I’ve grown up, right? That I’m now that fully fledged adult I’ve always avoided and dreaded to become. After realising this, I’m not really sure of what to expect next.

To be completely honest with you, there have been other alarming signs as well. I’ve begun to enjoy documentaries! Who the hell in their right frame of mind would voluntarily utter words like that??! I’ll tell you who! An ADULT, that’s who!! Do you understand me now? My fear? My worries?
(I especially enjoyed one about costal erosion, which had me absolutely absorbed! And then there was one, once, about how to build your own boat…fascinating stuff - fascinating!!)

Today, things got worse. I was in Tesco to buy some bean burgers (what else?) and found myself, as usual, strolling past the magazine shelves (well, it’s pretty difficult to avoid them since they’re just by the entrance and you literally can’t get past them without at least shooting them a glance).

Heat magazine comes out every Wednesday. And therefore every Wednesday I’m ending up experiencing something very close to romantic euphoria when I find a new glossy copy on the shelf in front of me. This normally never fails. I’m a loyal costumer.

But today – I felt..well, close to nothing, really! Yes, obviously I BOUGHT it (I mean, let’s not get ridiculous here) but then just earlier after coming home, instead of immediately throwing myself on the sofa reading it thoroughly, I just glanced in it for a few minutes while waiting for the oven to heat up. Then I threw it on the floor (in a neat and organized way). This is UNHEARD of!!! And I still haven’t felt an inkling of an urge to pick it up again!

And…gulp – I’m not even sure where it is (I think it might be underneath some other neatly thrown things like papers and maps and flags and stuff).


Or, you know, maybe it’s just something I’ve eaten that has effected me in a weird way! Come on, I’ve been living off vegetables for days for a start! Maybe this is what being a vegan does to you?

I feel a bit calmer now. I had some cheese earlier so literally my vegan days are now over. I’m a vegetarian now. I feel there’s still hope. Well, sort of…I still don’t fancy watching Big Brother!! (But on the other hand, there’s a pretty thrilling programme about sea gulls on the other channel…………aaarrrrghhhhhhhhh!!!!)
Tuesday 8th of July

This is going to be a pretty boring week, I can tell you that already. I’ve decided to have a detox week and it started yesterday. It’s good for you and everyone should do it now and again, but FUN it is not!

I reckoned this would be the perfect time to do it since last week was particularly unhealthy! Me and seven others went to Rimini in Italy, and for some reason decided to drink our own weight in alcohol. But oh, was it fun…

We started with a champagne breakfast on the train to Stansted at 7:30 in the morning. Then I was actually sensible enough to wait until we got there, but most of the others drank their way through the airport and the flight. Then we were straight off to the beach for some sea, sun and more drinking. The whole trip was pretty much one long party.

The plan – my plan - had at first been to go to San Marino the next afternoon for a couple of hours, and I managed to convince about four of the others to come along. Did it happen? No, obviously not. (Actually the guys had been knocking at our door and kept texting us to wake us up in order to go but,..nah….:-))

At some point during the night I had woken up, feeling that the bed was too warm and deciding that the floor looked so much cooler and comfortable, so I hopped off and continued sleeping beside it! Then Nicola woke up a bit later, looking around herself, wondering where the hell I was. The door to the toilet was open, so I clearly couldn’t have been in there. Maybe I’d gone to get something or gone to breakfast? Then suddenly she realised that she could hear someone breathing…
I’ve been laughing so incredibly much about this! You wake up alone in a hotel room, seeing that noone is there, but you can hear breathing… It’s like a scene from a horror movie!!! :-D
But you know, I can still remember how SENSIBLE my choice to move to the floor felt – then and there! It’s incredible..

I’m still waiting for one specific photo Nicola asked someone to take of all of us on the beach that was just fantastic. Everyone is looking so happy. Happy and drunk! Ill post it when I get it.

The second day we were out until sunrise, going swimming after having been to a fantastic bar by the beach. Then we went home to continue the party until about 8:30……………and then we had to check out at 10! To be honest, it was such a fantastic couple of days - really, really good, but when I finally got home from the whole journey - from the hotel in Italy back to my bed in London – I was so happy I was floating on little clouds! I was exhausted!

So as I said, there really isn’t any time more appropriate for detox than now, really!

I’ve spent two days eating miso, wonton and cabbage and beetroot soup now, and it’s beginning to bug me a bit. That’s for sure. And I’ve bought every detox drink in the supermarket – acai smoothies, milk thistle water, teas with herbs I didn’t know existed… But so far it feels good. I do have to say I miss coffee though. I spent several minutes this morning just smelling the coffee jar, and I was close, very close to making myself a cup. But I didn’t.

But I mean, I’m not complaining. There are exciting stuff in the pipeline here. I mean, now I’ve been vegan for two days (and even made enough cabbage soup to last for breakfast tomorrow. THAT’s something to look forward to, I tell you!), and tomorrow I’ll be a much more comfortable vegetarian!
It’s a big difference, trust me! Me and Joanna were vegans for a week last year, and that taught us both quite a lot. There are so many really tasty things you can get if you’re a vegetarian! Delicious nut roasts, leek and cheese sausages, bean pies… But if you’re a vegan, you’re pretty much screwed. Or at least totally left to your own devices! The only problem with being a vegetarian is probably restaurants, I’d say, cos they often have a pretty lame sortiment of veggie alternatives. It’s salad every time, or if you’re lucky – a piece of courgette lasagne or so.

So I think the plan is to stay vegetarian for another eight days, then go get a steak!

Yep..that’s the..that’s the plan.

(Do I sound bored? About the prospects? Cos I am! If you reckon that I sound like I’m pulsating with enthusiasm here, I’m telling you, you’ve really misinterpreted my signals…:-))

Monday 30th of June

Earlier today I was on my way to the swimming pool. I was in a hurry and a bit irritated. I’ve forgotten about what.

On my way out through the front door, I, for some reason or another, stumbled over the threshold and somehow managed to FLY through the entrance.

FLY through the entrance…

I would have deserved to wear a cape. With an S on it. Let’s put it that way.

A few meters away was a girl who started to laugh like there was no tomorrow.
I told you I was already annoyed, and this chick wasn’t helping…

-“You think this is funny? You think this is FUNNY??!”

I was getting seriously annoyed, but calmed down pretty fast cos I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone looking so apologetic while laughing that hysterically at the same time.

-“Hahaha…I’m soooorryy..hahahaha.hahaha..but you just looked so funny..haha…just like a CARTOON!!!!”


-“Haha…so funny..haha…don’t be angry..hahaha…I can’t help it..”


-“Can’t you it again so I can…hahaha…tape it on my phone and…haha..put it on YouTube?”


Wafer thin ice.

Now I’ve got a bruise the size of an orange on my leg – and I’m going to the beach in Italy on Thursday. All I need now is a gigantic lollipop and I’ll look like a slightly oversized INFANT! Hilarious. Maybe I should dress up as a scout?

And I was going to the pool. And it was very close to bleeding and quite obviously they wouldn’t let me swim with a bleeding wound!! My mood could have been better…

(But after getting undressed I actually wasn’t bleeding. Obviously I wouldn’t have gone into the pool otherwise. I’m a hygienic person thank you very much!)

And swimming, surprisingly enough, didn’t improve matters much. For some unknown reason the air smelt like perfume.

And I’m sure you’re going “Yeah, but perfume is nice, Evelyn, just give in…”, but it wasn’t a nice smell. It wasn’t a nice perfume! It smelt like something a very old lady would buy. No, actually, it smelt like something a very old lady would buy, then give away after she’d seen sense. And then the other lady, the one who would have received it, would put it away, far away, in some locker. This was the REJECT of “Old Lady perfumes”! And it was absolutely overwhelming (well, they normally are..!)

And even more annoyingly, in the already closely packed lanes, there was a guy clogging up the whole line of swimmers. You see, if you can’t swim, you use the lane to the side, together with toddlers and various inflatable sea creatures. But I think this guy actually thought that he could. I think he genuinely thought he was doing it the right way.
He threw himself forward, took about three strokes and then, just before drowning, he stood up again to do some stretching and gasping. The rest of us turned into domino bricks. Over and over and over again.

In the end one of the guards come running over to the edge of the pool shouting:

-“What the hell are you doing”?!
-“Um…swimming”, he replied rather optimistically.
-“Oh no, you’re not! I’m asking you again – what the hell are you doing?”
-“Um…TRYING to swim…sir”?

It was hilarious. He had every single eye in the whole pool on him and even him being in a pool and all, I could have sworn I could see him sweating!

-“No, you’re not! You’re looking stupid. Do you think this is your bath tub”??

(To be honest, I really don’t think he’d ever thought that it was.)

I had to hide half of my face underneath the water because I laughing so much. It was priceless. Trust me, you’d have to be there to understand.

So why was I laughing?

Because he looked like a complete and utter idiot, of course!!!
Probably almost as much of an idiot as I had about an hour before!
I’ve learnt a lesson. ;-)

PS. Everyone is still going on about Wimbledon, and I haven’t got a cluuue about who’s who this year! But I was there with my neighbour Martina two years ago, which was great! Saw the end of the ladies final at centre court, took a few pics of Lady Thatcher and had some Pimms. Was a good day! :-)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who the $3%% is Cloverfield Beth?

I saw a movie a couple of days ago. It was pretty interesting, different, but clearly too complicated for me because I really feel the need to analyse it a bit.

It’s called “Cloverfield” and is about a gigantic space monster that comes down to earth in order to invade New York. So far everything seems reasonable, but after that things evolve into a rather confusing concept.

The beginning is annoying enough. A guy is roaming around filming his mates and making everyone on a party wish a guy called Rob good luck on his trip to Japan (or China). This goes on for something that feels like a lifetime. We get a few nuggets of important info here though, cos we get to find out that a while back, about a month ago, Rob – the guy leaving for Japan (or China) – for one reason or another, had a one night stand which some chick named Beth. And now seeing Beth causally chatting to another guy at a party, Rob suddenly feels a bit jealous, and ends up sarcastically telling the guy “good luck” before going off to the kitchen to sulk for a bit.


Then stuff happens. A gigantic alien attacks the city and everyone is fleeing like mice. That’s what you do in a situation like that. The alien is bigger than several skyscrapers together, so it’s only normal to try to avoid it. The whole population of the city is running over the bridges and through the tunnels in order to get off Manhattan and so are our friends from the party. So far.
When on the bridge, Rob calls Beth and finds out she’s stuck, hurt, in her flat, which is located right where the alien is. He decides he has got to go back to save her.

While he is explaining this to his friends, the monster destroys the bridge and kills Robs brother in front of his eyes. This doesn’t really face Rob much. He acknowledges that this was a shame, but the important thing to focus on here is to go and get Beth, so that he can get laid again.

Why doesn’t some responsible person go up to Rob and slap him in the face and possibly shake him about a little bit?

But the thing is, I would probably have been able to accept this whole scenario – Rob being love struck enough to risk his life – if it wasn’t for the fact that suddenly all his mates were ALSO going off on the Saving Beth mission!

I mean, maybe I’m not being clear here… Everyone is being evacuated. The military shouts at everyone to let them know that if they turn back, they WILL get killed. (I'm not sure why though, cos it's bloody obvious..) And then also, you've got Robs brother, who just died in front of their eyes.

The weirdest part of all is that a girl, Marlena, who had also been to the party, agrees to come with them as well! She didn’t even know anyone there and was supposed to meet her own friends later. But suddenly, caught up in the moment, she also feels the necessity to go and save Beth!

If you were Marlena, and you got asked whether you’d pop along to get killed for a girl you’d never met I think you’d be excused for asking:

"Who the F-K is Beth?!??”

At one point, sitting in the subway, hearing the alien clomp around on top of them, Robs friend is asking her:

-“This must be quite tough for you. I mean you were gonna meet your own friends, weren’t you?”
-“And you don’t know if they’re all right..”
-“No. But…”

But what exactly? BUT WHAT? They don’t matter cos you’ve got to go save a girl named Beth?? Get a grip, woman! You’re being delirious!!

But off they go. After a while they get attacked by a bunch of mini aliens that the big one had brought along with him (I just take it it’s a “he”. If it turns out it wasn’t, well, then I’ll apologize), and Marlena gets hurt pretty badly. But she doesn’t give up.

-“Let’s go get Beth”, she croaks bravely.

After a while they find some other survivors in a shopping mall, where the military had set up an emergency hospital (with dying people everywhere), from where they are evacuating them in helicopters.

Oh, but come on, that’s happy days, isn’t it! Good times! You were faced with a certain and horrifying death, and suddenly, when it looked as if there was no hope in hell, you get the opportunity to get rescued – all of you – and get reunited with your families and friends!!

-“No, thanks but…we can’t accept. We have to go on.. We have to save Beth!”

The military dudes (rightfully) shout their heads off at them, but Rob is firm. Even when he finds out that the whole of Manhattan is going to be nuked in about an hour, he stands by his word – and so does the rest of them. Even when Marlena suddenly starts bleeding from her eyes and dies right there and then (from the extraterrestrial bite)!

-“Wow, that was weird, man! She died, just like that!”
-“Yeah, but there’s nothing you could have done for her Rob. You’ve got to let it go. Let’s focus on getting Beth…!”

There’s nothing he could have DONE!??

Oh, I’m sorry, I thought she died cos she was trying to save your bloody girlfriend – that she didn’t even KNOW!

So they go on, ignoring the rescue they had just been offered, and after a while manages to get – to Beth.

-“Wow, you came”, she sobs, looking into Robs eyes.
-“Of course I did, babe!”

I can’t help but to wonder why noone stepped up, raising a hand going:

-“Ummm…yeah, he came and oddly enough - so DID WE!!! For no apparent reason, Beth! We’re here to save you too, Beth! We’re all risking our lives for you and Marlena, a name you probably don’t recognize, cos you’ve never met, just died. Because of you, Beth. Because of you! Oh, guess what – I am about to die as well, in about…8-10 minutes from now, it’s just that we don’t know that yet. And that is also because of you. Oh, and actually, Beth, you and Rob are also gonna die, just after me. But hey it was worth it. I mean, anytime Beth, really, just say…”

Don’t get me wrong. It’s admirable to help people! But they could have helped hundreds if they stayed by the bridges and started to get people out of the nearby houses or something! And then, as a bonus, they would even be alive themselves in the end!

And I’m a bit disappointed that noone, after having saved Beth, and they were all trying to get off the island, said:

-“Hang on here now, what…where are going? What are we doing? It almost seems like we’re trying to escape!”
-“Yeah, we’ve got her! We’ve got Beth! The mission is accomplished!”
- Err…no, Rob, now we’re off to save my cousin! And my cat! I thought that was the deal here? All for one – one for all? You’re not…betraying me here, Rob??”

I really would have loved to know how Rob would have reacted to that!

Yesterday, me and Esther went to the cinema and ended up chatting about this particular movie. And without me mentioning anything of the above she said:

-“But what I just don’t understand is why they ran after this girl in the first place! All these people… Some didn’t even know her!”

Exactly - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

But all in all, it was a pretty good movie. I really liked it actually! You should see it!
(You should hear me criticising a movie that I don’t like…:-D)

I almost saw this movie when I was on the plane to New York, but was tired and switched it off before any of action came about. It was too bad, really, because it could have given a pretty dramatic edge to the whole trip. Add a bit of trauma. I like adventures…
By the way.

Another thing that I, while I’m at it, find incredibly annoying is the fact that British newspapers aren’t stapled! But I’ve been annoyed about that since I was 14, so I’m beginning to get over it.
Yeah, they are impossible to read without all the sheets flying everywhere and yeah, the whole paper gets tangled up in itself wherever you try to open it, unless you’re spreading it out on the floor like an infant, but you know, what ever. I’m dealing with it. Why not make books that way as well? Think of all the stapler-related savings we’d make!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Haven't written for a couple of weeks cos have been to New York :D :D :D

...and then I got ill :( :( :(

And then somehow I managed to slip into some sort of football infused coma (which I was brutally awaken from on Wednesday evening...) X-( X( X-(

And I'll get into all of that. Maybe even in detail. But right now I feel it's more urgent to point out that we're being invaded. It's true, you sceptical bastards! It's true.

Ok, I'd better be brief, cos I guess I've got to flee the country, and I've heard that both Dover and the airports tend to fill up pretty quickly in these situations. At the same time I'm not completely sure whether I should flee AWAY from them (the aliens) or TO them. The mothership might have come to call me home. (And I haven't seen ET for such a long time. He must be all grown up by now..)

Anyway. There are UFOs everywhere at the mo. Left, right and centre. Even the police have been seen to freak out. It seems to have intensified during the latest weeks after this sign was found in a crop field:

Experts have studied it and found that it was a sign, showing the ten first numbers of PI, and said that this was good, cos this meant that the aliens were peaceful.

Ok. No, that's good. That's comforting. But then things got slightly more complex and complicated when they tried to attack a police helicopter last night:

It's in the papers all over Europe. The world probably.

Think Swindon is the closest town. Must be some sort of bus from there. Otherwise I can quite easily walk it (less than 8km). to buy a ticket, I guess. Time to go home.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Have had an interesting week! Been hiking some more, this time with Pats, partly on the London Loop! It's covering great areas and some proper wildlife (as in...cows - it's got cows! Real life cows! And sheep. You know how I feel about sheep! Exciting stuff, I'm telling you..)

And on Sunday I went to see Romeo and Juliet in Trafalgar square with German Girl and a few others. The Royal Opera House is giving three performances on large screens over the summer in Trafalgar square and Canary Wharf. (One is on the 3rd of July - which I'll miss, but can't wait to see the second one on the 16th of July, Figaro's Wedding! It's hot! :D)

And then on Monday, Tiranth took me to the theater to see a comedy show about Charles Dickens! It was a really good laugh! Well, actually, it was several good laughs! :D :D :D

Would have written more, I really really wish I could (cos got quite a few things to say and tell), but...MUST dash!!!
We're talking some serious dashing here - I'm in a real hurry! (But not saying where to!!! :D)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Me and Esther are going on a quick hike in a moment (about 7-8 km). She hasn’t got a clue of where she’s going or where she’ll eventually end up, and that’s the way I like it.
I’ve instructed her to meet me in Perivale (I mean, who the hell would know where that is? Almost not even me, and that’s sort of worrying since I’m the one who’s eager to go), and that there will be, at some point or another, a few locks involved (and therefore, supposedly, a canal).
Poor, sensible Esther. Doesn’t know what she’s in for…moahahehe

But I’ve always liked locks. They’re exciting somehow. Fascinating (almost) beyond belief.

Just look at those boats, floating in such a harmonic and non-aggressive way, and then suddenly having to stop! Why? No-one knows! I sometimes think of locks when in an exceptionally philosophical mood.

The thing is, that there’s no-one in charge of these particular locks. You’re expected to operate them yourself. Probably in a “relatively sensible way”, but “sense” in itself is a relatively vague concept! It sort of relates to “logic”. And what is the logical way to work a lock (or anything else for that matter)? Well, it quite obviously depends on the desired outcome!
I’ve always played with the thought of making a little raft, placing it on the top lock (I think there are about ten of them here…) and then open all of them simultaneously! I mean, what a ride, come on…! It would be like Flume Ride but so, so much better!
Maybe blindfold a mate (Esther?) and use her as a guinea pig before you go yourself. (Yeah, that’s where the sense comes in!)
She would probably enjoy it.

PS. By the way, it didn’t really go as planned for Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m not sure in which place we ended up, but it was in the last ten. Either way we had a great night! After all, the UK came last, and that had to be celebrated, so we ended up joining some guys we met in the Swedish pub to go to a club. Definitely a good night! :-D

Friday, May 23, 2008

I just bought a new plant on Monday. Grass looking lush stuff going in all directions. Cute.
Ok, and today it's Friday and it's...well, if not dead, then very, very tired!

Is this normal?! Isn't this a bit like buying a goldfish and then by the time you get home you discover that he's suddenly not swimming all that vividly anylonger. He's more in a floaty kind of state..

Hmm, well, all my other plants love me and they are the strongest fighter plants ever made. They never give up! Can't believe the cheek of this one... >:I

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A friend of mine, Rory, has recently moved to Dubai for work and just sent me a very, very inspiring email. For once, he's on to something..something big. But he probably doesn't know it yet. Men are like that.

Extract from email:

I miss the BBC.
> Karl Vaneigeim noted that modern capitalism instead of simply relying on machinery to increase the means of production and so depress wages as previous capitalism had done so, now relies on the worker to consume the articles of production. In other words, shopping is the new drink.
> The radio is the best example of this:
> Headlines, in the exact order:
> Free WiFi at Abu Dhabi airport
> NewPriMark opening at Ibn Batutta Mall
> Paris Hiton wants a baby (not sure whose)
> Brad Pitt has not bought one of the Islands on "The World" Angelina Jolie has!
> Manchester United win against some other team who dont have a franchise operation here
> Aftershock kills 20 people in China really DOES take men a while longer to grasp how the universe is supposed to work. Us females have not only realised, but done our utmost to (unselfishly) help the inter/national economy out by uncontrollable shopping since pretty much the beginning of TIME!

Everybody knows that when you guys were out fighting, kicking each other with poles back in the neanderthal days, women were busy trading bones and..nuts and lipsticks and stuff. That's how commerce started. This is well known, Rory. I thought you were educated.

And I really *$#&*&% hope that Angelina hasn't tried to pick MY island over there in the artificial archipelago (it's so cool!!!) cos I've been planning to get my mittens on Greenland for ages now. I'm just saying...keep an eye on it for me, ok, cos if you do I might even invite you to a barbecue (and optional pole bashing) over there in the future.

And...Rory, we can invade the other islands! Oh my God, the potentials...I clearly hadn't thought this through! Wouldn't it be relatively reasonable to expect any kind of micro society to automatically copy the development of the original one (ie earth, where most of us citizens will probably originate from after all).
Ok, we might not have to go through every state of evolution all over again (cos that would be a bit of a drag!) but surely we'd regress to a state-centred perspective when it comes to most international interaction (as we used to have before realising that international cooperation was in every ones best interest and started joining up in federations and international organisations etc etc) which pretty much only leads to one thing - WAR!

Look, what I'm trying to say here is that there really is a severe lack of places to invade in the real world nowadays, and here, suddenly, we could make it happen! I'm sure the UN would leave us to our own devices as long as we don't mess with any neighbouring areas (outside the islands, that is) or start creating allies within the rest of the international society.. It'll be like a real-life game of RISK!

We'd start with Greenland (well, I say "we", cos I would be pretty pissed off if you decided to go off and join forces with Angelina. I mean, bloody hell...haven't you got any sense of loyalty?! Rory, that would piss me off. I'm serious. ) and then discreetly go on with Iceland...Canada...Scandinavia!

I'm fairly sure I could raise a full-time army of a total of at least...8-12 people. And don't you start sneezing at that, cos these are hardcore combat fighters.
One has got a complete camouflage outfit (we can use him for undercover stuff like snooping around) and one has got a really high quality set of cutlery that his mum gave him when he moved away from home a long time ago. We can use him for close up combat.
And a guy I know in Sweden, Jonas, who's really into wars (loves the stuff) - he's got a boat, so he can be our navy. He's quite fit so I think he can row pretty fast if his life is suddenly under threat.
And hey, I just realized that if I could just convince my two pilot cousins to quit their jobs and come work for me - then we've got an air force as well! :D
I'll leave the army stuff to you (for now) cos, after all, you've worked for the army for years!! And honestly, Rory, if you can't manage to defend a miniature Greenland, then, maybe, it was a good choice to quit. Hm?

Wow, this is really exciting stuff!

I suddenly feel a bit dizzy...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My friend Sara and her boyfriend Dan has been on a trip around the world for the latest 111 days! They are crazy! :D

I feel really bad though, cos I said I'd go visit them but thought they'd stay a month longer than they were so don't think I'll be able to make it. And time has gone SO FAST!!! :(

But look at their fantastic pics on their blog! 111 days!!! I would have to go through some sort of rehabilitation programme to be able to adapt back to normal grey England after that! How would I cope with not having coconuts for breakfast? How would I ever enjoy having a bath again if it wasn't in a personal turquoise lagoon? Jeez...

Ah, bohoo...I feel so guilty for not having visited them. I really do. But I thought I still had loads of time left and somehow I didn' went so quick and then I had already planned other stuff...and now they're coming back next month, and I just wont be able to fit it in. :( I feel really crap about it though. I really do. Excuses, excuses...bohoo

Well, at least it seems as if they've had a fantastic time and I'm so happy for them! It's a memory for life. Must have been absolutely incredible!

Love you and I'm sorry
Check this out on YouTube! Why haven't I ever seen people bursting out in song spontaneously in Stansted Airport?!

Oh, hang on, I have...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Well, the weather is back to crap, but that’s relatively ok, because this time I was prepared! I knew from experience that this would evidently happen, so I’ve been happily sunbathing in the park and the beach, and even been swimming in the sea in Brighton! So, this time, who’s laughing? Me or the clouds? I’d say me!! Me 1 – British weather 0!

Brighton is such a happy place! It’s sort of impossible not to be in a good mood when you’re there! It’s so summery and everybody is eating cotton candy and stuff like apples on a stick dipped in sugary syrup. Just the sort of thing you loved doing when you were a kid, so I guess you kind of regress to an earlier stage of your life the second you arrive. You start jumping up and down and getting an indescribable urge to pull your mums skirt! Well…

Just found out that apparently I’m going to Rimini in Italy in the beginning of July! Cool! Never been to Rimini! Nicola texted me earlier today explaining that a friend of hers was getting a group of people together to pop down since he’d found some really cheap deal. £12.70 return. Well, how can you say no to that? :)

I don’t understand how the airlines do it, but when me and Joanna went to Stockholm and Portugal in Sept/Oct last year we paid £0.02 each – incl taxes and fees…return! It’s crazy! But am I complaining? :D

AND…Sweden lost the semi-final to Canada. :( Not sure how to deal with that new found pain, but since I didn’t even know about the World Cup until Thursday, I guess there is a way to live life without a gold medal after all. (Really??)

Friday, May 16, 2008

I love Peep Show! I love Peep Show! I love Peep Show! :D

Can't wait to get home to watch it! Am really looking forward to having a cozy night in watching telly, reading Heat, making meatballs! YES! :D

Met up with a group of people in Putney for a few drinks last night and somehow most of us (about 15) felt it was only reasonable (and sort of a necessity) to have an after party at Gooksie's mate's house down the road. Didn't come home until about 5 in the morning! It was such a great night! Probably because it was so unexpected and unplanned. Thursdays are definitely the new Fridays. :D

Anabelen just texted me to suggest we'd go to The Harcourt Arms to watch the Eurovision Song contest next weekend! YEESSS! THANK YOU! I had totally forgotten about it! Last year me and Jef desperately tried to find a place that showed it on screen, but failed tragically! Turns out there are only two places in London that shows it - The Harcourt (the Swedish pub) and some gay bar in the Strand. Both were full. But now I've got my ticket so nothing can stop me! Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!

That reminds me... I met a Finnish girl, Heli, at the party yesterday and she told me that both Sweden and Finland were in the semifinals in the ice hockey world cup! Then we both got a bit overly excited about the prospects of having Sweden meeting Finland in the final on Sunday and decided that in that case we had to watch it together. And I just realized I don't know the results of the semifinals that were being held today, yet...

Hang google....

...I actually don't dare to look. I'm serious.

Ok here goes...

...Oh! It hasn't been played yet! Right. Hmm. But Finland lost against Russia. :( Ahh, that's too bad. Bollox. :(

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Well, as I’ve mentioned, it’s been quite warm in London lately, so it’s only reasonable to expect people to get a bit delirious on an on and off basis. But if someone who’s working in public service snaps, you’d probably expect their colleges to take them aside to slap them back to sense before letting them go back to work?

A couple a days ago, while waiting for the tube, the staff made an announcement that I at first suspected was a bit of a joke. They do that at times. But then having heard the same announcement at several occasions and at different stations and lines, I realized they were being totally serious. Well, judge for yourselves:

“It is very hot in London at the moment. It is therefore important that you keep a bottle of water with you at all times. If someone would take it from you while you are between stations, please get off at the next stop and ask for help immediately!”


I mean, come ON! Get off immediately to ask for help??

I was at Ladbroke Grove at the time, going to Hammersmith. That’s FOUR stations… I began to worry whether I’d be all right or not. I had drunk 50cl of pomegranate juice during the last half an hour, but…but…..would that be enough?? What would happen if I – two stations into my journey – suddenly realized that I was thirsty again? That would mean at least 2 more minutes of dehydration before I reached my final destination! I wasn’t sure if it was worth taking the risk. What would my mum say?

I was going to meet Marta in the pub. Surely there would be drinks available in there? The pub was only about 20 meters from the station – should I go for it?
I thought about it long and hard, and then suddenly (a bit like in a movie) I got a feeling…something of a voice telling me from above:

-“Only the brave can be winners. Only people with guts and determination will ever reach their goals in life!”

So, I did it! I did it! I jumped on the next train! I WENT for it! I felt a weird sensation of pride, that I was somehow unstoppable. If I could do THIS, I could do anything. Probably even cross the street on my own.

Yeah, life is gonna be exciting from now on. Remember, at the moment I’m unstoppable!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

And the happy days go on...

...whoopiehey!!! :-D

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Summer is FINALLY here!!! Hopefully this means I can now stop frowning.

For way too long the forecast has been too depressing to watch, and a little too easy to predict to be able to feel even the slightest bit of excitement.

But NOW the tables have turned!! This is how it's gonna be from now on..

Me off to Kensington Gardens with a book and a towel.

Me gusta, me gusta...
The happy man does not look back. He doesn’t look ahead. He lives in the present.

But there’s the rub. The present can never deliver one thing: meaning. The ways with happiness and meaning are not the same. To find happiness, a man need only live in the moment; he need only live for the moment. But if he wants meaning – the meaning of his dreams, his secrets, his life - a man must reinhabit his past, however dark, and live for the future, however uncertain.

Thus nature dangles happiness and meaning before us all, insisting only that we choose between them.

Rubenfield, Jed; The interpretation of murder

Monday, March 31, 2008

Yeah I know, I was gonna post a load of stuff about Malta and Denmark and knights and sausages and things like that. And I will, and I will...
...but for now I just have to give you a movie tip.

"Anger Management" with Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson!

It made me laugh so much it actually made me cry. In fact, I almost feel like crying right now, just thinking about it.
Buy it! Rent it! See it!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter!!! :D

Ahh, I love bunnies...can't think of anything more adorable!

Anyway, yes I know I've had a little break from blogging, but it hasn't been entirely my fault. Maybe not even at all, depending on how far you're willing to stretch your imagination. But honestly, I've had some problems with my computer - which hasn't exactly helped. And then I spent quite some time roaming around Malta, which was great, but also didn't do my blogging much good. But I've actually written some posts...I just haven't posted them yet ;) But will do so after Easter!

Now I'm off to Denmark! :D

Have a great Easter!!!


Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm so cold. I've never experienced cold like this in my entire life. Well I probably have, but it doesn't matter right now. I'm freezing.

Not even funny...

I'm going to bed.

But then i just realized that includes facing the cold outdoors. Cos my bed is at home. And I'm not.

Can't really win..

Friday, February 15, 2008

(Written yesterday.)

It’s a bit odd, but I’ve woken up every day the last three days believing it’s Wednesday. Sometimes even insisting – like on Wednesday.

It started on Tuesday when I woke up in a particularly good mood, since it was Wednesday and all. I like Wednesdays, you see. The sun is normally always shining, and people are much happier than, let’s say, on a Monday, when they are just simply pissed off all day through. On Wednesdays you are half way through the week, and you start whistling and humming and things like that.

So I stretched my arms out and said “Yay, finally Wednesday!”
Then I realized that if it really was Wednesday it would mean that I had forgotten to do a whole lot of things the day before. And it was roughly then that it went up for me that in fact, it was only Tuesday. A bit traumatic, but you know – what can you do?

Same thing happened the next day – I woke up, stretched my arms out and pointed out that “Yay, it’s Wednesday!”. And this time it worked out pretty well. They say you get better with practise.

But then today things started to get confusing, because again, I woke up stretching my arms out shouting “Yay, Wednesday!”. And I mean, quite clearly – it’s not!

Then things got even weirder. I jumped out of my bed and ran off to the supermarket to get bagels and some grapefruit juice. And stuff. And in there I accidentally passed the cereal aisle. Well, I’m not particularly avoiding it, but it’s not really a place where I tend to hang out either. I don’t really understand cereals. I just don’t get the hype around them. And most of them don’t even seem to be particularly healthy.

In fact, there are several things that I can’t really grasp about them. For a start, in my supermarket there’s a whole aisle devoted to them – on both sides. That is a lot of space! They’ve got an equal amount of space as all of the beef, chicken, lamb, pork, fish, seafood together! How much cereals can people possibly EAT? Where does it all go?

I mean, let’s say you’re in the supermarket to buy dinner for two people, and you come back with a pack of two fish fillets (and obviously some stuff to have with it). Then you and your partner/sister/friend/cat/neighbour eat the fish and the next day you need to go back for more. Ok. But I’ve never, ever seen anyone managing to scoff themselves through a whole pack of cereals in a day and then having run out the next day.

Or is it me who is wrong here? Is it me who’s got weird habits? Maybe I’ve misunderstood the whole concept of breakfast! I mean, I’ve always thought there were alternatives, that we had choices. Choices in the shapes of yoghurt, fruit, sandwiches, bagels, croissants or even an unhealthy fry up!

So standing there I suddenly found myself getting mysteriously sucked into the aisle as if by some strangely irresistible power. A bit like Will Smith got sucked into that spaceship in “Independence Day”, when all the steering mechanisms of his own saucer stopped working (cos of the aliens). That sort of thing. More or less. Well, at least now you know the feeling.

And in there, in the cereal aisle, life was different. In all the other aisles children were arguing, running around, falling over. They were probably even sneezing. People were frowning and looking tired as if they just wanted to go back to bed.
Here faces were relaxed, carrying gentle smiles. Children appeared like graceful little angels beside their mummies legs. At one time I could have sworn I heard harps. It was an aisle of blissful harmony. It was – the cereal aisle.

I couldn’t just walk off and buy some bagels after a moment like that, could I?

But which to choose?

I’ve heard that your choice of cereal says a lot about your personality, so it’s important to think it through properly and not through just anything in the trolley. (But having said that, I’ve also heard that your favourite character in the Simpsons defines pretty much your whole existence… I’ve chosen not to believe in that specific theory cos my favourite is Flanders.)

So what type am I? What sort of signals do I want to send out with my breakfast? I know I’m definitely not a Rice Crispy person, because they’re disgusting and the advert is stupid. And don’t get me started on the Coco Pops. Chocolate and rice? To me that sounds about as tasty as pickled cabbage dipped in whipped cream. “A bowl full of fun”? Not even a little bit!
And I don’t even want to discuss Cornflakes. Cornflakes are for lame people. Everybody knows that. I’ve even heard some sort of urban legend saying that if you look at the package from a certain angle it spells out L.A.M.E on a four sides. And no bloody way that I’m gonna let my own breakfast have a laugh at me every sodding morning. No way.

I remember buying Frosties a few times when I was living in Leeds and Paris. It wasn’t bad. If you put some strawberry jam on it, it actually tasted pretty great. (Or maybe even grrrrreat…) But it’s not exactly a healthy breakfast, is it?

A couple of years ago I decided to try cereals again. I made the decision after seeing the Crunchy Nut advert on TV.
I had never seen such a passionate urge being expressed to a cereal (or any other kind of breakfast related product for that matter), and I sure hadn’t experienced it myself! All I knew was that I wanted to have what that woman was having!

The first time was quite nice. Memorable even. I admit that it was genuinely good. It had big crunchy nuts that had been either roasted or caramelised or both and then drenched in honey. I’m not going to lie to you. It was cereal heaven!
But then the second time I bought it, it just wasn’t the same at all! It was just lame bloody honey flavoured cornflakes with tiny pieces of nuts! Pathetic!
A few months later I bought it again, to check if they’d sorted out their problems. They hadn’t. So I decided to give up.

But today I felt ready for a new attempt with a new fresh cereal! Found some sort of bran flakes with coconuts and fruits in them.
Turns out, not that much fruit.
And definitely not grrreat…

But they are great for feeding the squirrels and bunnies in Holland Park with! They love all cereals. Even these, I’m sure.

PS. I almost forgot about my Berry experience. Once last year I bought a pack of cereals with Red Berries in them. They were nice. Well, they were nice the first couple of days, because then I managed to shake out about 80% of the berries and fill the bowl to the brim with red fruit. After that, I didn’t feel so excited about it anymore, mostly because by then it was just…well, a packet of flakes basically. Pretty lame flakes as well, really.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I had a date with myself on Sunday. And not just any date, but one that I had really been looking forward to! I had been busy every night the whole week going to the gym, meeting with some writers and a publisher and been out partying both Friday and Saturday, so Sunday was going to be my day of rest. Oh, lovely Sunday…

Saturday was Nicolas birthday which she celebrated in a club in the basement of a church. Absolutely loved it! :)

It’s was fabulous! I arrived at around 22:30 and didn’t go home until 07. That’s the equivalent of a whole working day of partying! That’s pretty well done, I reckon. But there were others who stayed out equally long who had been there since 20:00, so not worth a medal I guess.

Had a really good time! And it was great seeing so many of the people we all know at once! In fact the whole night went so quick it felt like I was there for about two hours or so! That’s definitely a good sign meaning the party went well! Good job Nicola! (But then again, your parties are always great, so not much of a surprise, really…) :-D

So the plan was to stay in bed for pretty much the whole next day watching a couple of DVDs I hadn’t seen. But after a while I had only one unseen dvd left, one that I really didn’t want to see.

It’s called “Rules of Engagement” and is from 2000. I don’t really know why I’ve got it. If you don’t know what it’s about, just try to imagine the most masculine film ever made. Then add some testosterone. Then add 20-30 soldiers and some rifles. And some green clothes.
I HATE war movies. They make me very, very sleepy! So I had absolutely no wish whatsoever to see this film.

But then I thought, “I’m running behind with my weird-things-to-do-list”. This is a great opportunity to catch up, really. (For info about “weird things to do” – check earlier posts.)
Seeing this movie would be exactly what I’m aiming for by keeping my list. Instead of doing things the way you normally would, do something different! Choose a movie you normally wouldn’t want to see. Eat something you’ve always avoided. That way you discover new things, new perspectives. It’s healthy. So suddenly I knew I had to see the damned film.

It was only 1,58 hours long. I’m a strong person, I could do this. I made myself feel determined!

I had to rewind the first eight minutes 14 times since I started day dreaming 12 of them and fell asleep twice. And the rest of the experience wasn’t particularly different.

-“Colonel! Where are you?!” Bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam

Did I take the laundry in? Oh, right, I did. Pity..

-“Colonel? Can you hear me?!”
-“Sergeant??!” Bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam

“We can do this!” Bam bam bam “Kill the motherfuckers!”
Bam bam bam bam bam

Maybe I could wash something else? Or do some mopping? That somehow feels exciting…

Bam bam bam bam ouuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii BAAAM!!


(Now someone shouting in the street): -“Get away from my fucking daffodil!!!”

Daffodils. I wonder if I should have bought that yellow top I saw in the shop last week after all…

-"Sergeant? Three o’ clock sir! Let’s take the bastards down!” Bam bam bam bam bam bam

…but me being blonde, it would just make me look like a chicken. That would be silly. It’s not even Easter.

-“Colonel??! Are you there?” Bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam

Maybe I should make some pop corn? That might be what’s missing with this movie…

Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam

-“Sergeant!! Can you see me!”

You’re wearing camouflaged clothes in the jungle, so no, probably not bloody likely! Jeeez…

Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam


Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam


About 45 minutes later after snoozing I woke up by something that sounded like a “BAM”.

-“Colonel?!! Can you see me?!!!”

Today a friend gave me a suggestion. She meant that it would be more of a challenge if she was allowed to decide what my next “weird thing to do” would be. I explained that that didn’t feel reasonable at all, but nevertheless I might consider it. Unless it was something down right

-“See the movie twice! THAT would be weird!”

Clearly I’ll be sending less Christmas cards than normal this year.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I know I might sound as a bit of a snob now, or just some really annoying person, but I'm normally really picky with what water I drink. I think it was a habit I got into while living in France, and since then it's just grown. I hate tapwater. I know that it's a really bad thing for the environment to use bottled water.. But at least I'm humble enough to apologize about it - I'm sorry. (And look, I've actually improved cos nowadays at least I'm using tap water for tea and coffee...)

Anyway, I've got several favourite water brands, some of them with amazing "powers" and origins, but normally I go for Evian. And to people who claim all water taste the same I say RUBBISH!!!

Evian is much smoother than other water and got a distinct after taste of cream with a tiny hint of vanilla! I'm telling you, I'm right about this! And I'm not crazy. A while back I read about "water tasting" being a new hobby in New York and here in London.

In fact, I'm going to look it up and join a class! I've got a feeling that I've got a bit of a flare for this. They might end up giving me a medal or something. Pretty likely, I'd say.

My friend decided to test me by letting me taste three glasses of water and pick out the Evian one, which I managed to do straight away. The next test, we've decided, is going to be ten glasses. No match for me. No match at all...